Frequently Asked Questions

    Why did you choose Vega ?

    This name became obvious because of the combination of the 3 following reasons :

    - When you look up in the sky, Vega is one of the 5 brightest stars.

    - Vega is one of the European most powerful rockets.

    - In mathematical finance, Greek letters are of utmost importance, Vega is the derivative of the option value with respect to the volatility of the underlying asset.

    Can I connect myself with a static or dynamic IP address ?

    Yes, once you are a member. During the trial period, we only allow static IP that matches exactly with the given address.

    How can I submit my orders as close as possible to the level you have indicated ?

     You should choose a broker, from the best spreads, so that you can submit your  intelligent orders to the market instantlly by a simple click. You will therefore be in a position as to the pilot-trader.

    Once a position is taken, you just have to prepare a quick order in view to ensure a minimum profit. Intelligent orders are strongly recommanded.

    Example: I take 10 mini FX contracts (or a standard contract) and I then exit 4 or 6 on prepared goals.

    Why are some of your positions short(time) and others relatively long (time) ?

    The market dictates. If the `pilot-trader´ sees warning indicators, he will systematically activate THINK PROFIT or Exit. This can be quick even if it is not the objective. You should aim at getting as many good trades as possible.

    Note: Keep in mind that you will never take the entirety of a move.

    What is your average number of trades (back & forth) per day ?

    It varies considerably and depends on market configurations, and it is unpredictable. It's up to you to carryout statistics.

    Within a month period, we noticed a disparity in your daily scores, is this related to performance variations?

    It is a good question; no, there are no better days than others, and  the differences are mainly due to lack of volatility; Our results are in accordance with what is mentioned in our home page on a monthly basis, but when the market does not move, it is difficult to have big scores...

    Are there better times during the day to take position?

    In theory there aren't, but we've noticed that 60% of the trades are done in the morning, especially on the Forex ; opening times of the main marketplaces are important.

    Please note that afternoon sessions may be more difficult.

     How are your daily performances in € calculated ?

    In full transparency: in order to bring a definite end to a possible controversy regarding the way we showed our performances in € , we now display them in our Premium subscription.It includes the direction of most of the Trades to come and the exact exits of the Trades with their weight.

    Traders will obtain their benefits according to their commitment but Vega-Traders will provide them with the appropriate tool, insight, and timely information.

    What are the required technical specifications to use Vega-Traders Trading Rooms?

    Trading Rooms and more specifically Vega-Traders require certain specifications in order to operate in an optimal mode. Here is the list:

    - Web browsers: Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Mozilla Firefox. Compatibility with older or less common browsers is not excluded, but is not guaranteed.

    - Plugin Flash: More than 95% of web users have this plugin. If not installed, sounds related to the trading may not be supported.

    - Cookies and Java scripts must be activated: web browsers are by default set to accept them. Cookies denial will prevent you from connecting. Java script denial will block market room access.

    - Large bandwidth Internet connections: Trading Rooms deliver real time informations. In order to receive them without delay, Vega-Traders recommends not to download data or use ADSL television while using trading room. The team draws your attention on the fact  WiFi or 3G+ keys may not be reliable and may delay your operations.