February 2019

    Matteo, Trader indices, Northern Italy.

    As you do I do not know, but you are really good and the performances are the orders of the day. Really many compliments for the support service to the trader that you can transmit. The indices in particular are of absolute excellence. Congratulations

    January 2019

    Guido, experienced indices Trader, Northern Italy.

    Congratulations to Vega-Traders an especially to John, for the accuracy of trading positions. Bravo !!!

    December 2018

    Pier Paolo, experienced indices Trader, Northern Italy.

    My God, what a week! I've just closed one of the best trading week of my entire life, and I have been a trader for about 15 years. John of the Index room is absolutely fantastic, an excellent trader who helped a lot about taking care of positions during this week big index movement.

    November 2018

    Giancosimo, Trader indices, South Italy.

    today your inputs were sensational. Congratulations!

    October 2018

    Pier Paolo Indices Trader, Northern Italy.

    I enjoy your services and John of the indexes room is a skilled trader.

    June 2018

    Danny, indices Trader, Flanders, Belgium.

    The trades of John are very special. Out of a trade is clear, the losses are always limited. Very fast support after opening a trade. the signal from John I would not trade several times. The site and trading rooms are very clear, the sounds are very nice. Congratulations for your service.

    April 2018

    Jean- Michel, passionate indices Trader, south of France.

    John's trades are exceptional. I really do not regret my subscription to vega-traders.

    January 2018

    William, Premium Indices Trader, Paris area, France

    The vega-traders services are unique in the market, since they are playful, trustful and educational. We feel less lonely and indeed more confident thank to the excellent John's signals. Thank you.

    December 2017

    Patrizio, Premium indices member, Roma ,Italy

    John has a very high accuracy, around 99% and moreover he is a very reliable person. I recommend him to all those who want to earn a good daily profit. The only word that I can say is: fantastic!

    October 2017

    David, indices and Forex Trader North Italy.

    I am very impressed with the service and very satisfied with the test.

    September 2017

    Christian, Indices Premium member, South East of France

    I have been a member for several years now and it seems impossible to me to trade without your services. John, of absolute rigour, has to be followed in order to close very rare negative days. Thank you.

    August 2017

    Bernard, indices trader, South-west of France

    John\'s positions keep being of high quality. It is a pleasure trading with you.

    June 2017

    Gabriele, Trader indices, Lombardy, Italy.

    The trading room services are high level, probably the best on the web at now. I need only to change my CFD broker because it has spread not good with the real Futures market. After this, I'll subscribe to the Vega-traders services.

    May 2017

    Michael, Trader indices Bavaria, Germany.

    I have been now for a long time a vega-traders member on the Index room. The signals are high quality ones. This is the best intraday market service that I know. I can just recommend to test their services; you might like them...

    April 2017

    Andrea, Index Trader, Bologna, Italy.

    I have made a subscription PREMIUM with my credit card with your Vega Traders (Index Trading Room). I 'm very happy,because your service is very good.

    February 2017

    Hans-Kurt: Trader indices North Westphalia: Germany.

    Your signals are excellent.

    November 2016

    Giampaolo: indices Trader, Venetia Italy

    I would like to say thanks to John who is an unbelievable trader.

    October 2016

    William, indices trader, South west of France.

    Beginner trader with diversified experiences on multiple platforms, having been subscriber for a week now, I found the exact site that fits exactly with my trading. Cheers to the whole team for the results. I am going to trade in real very soon.

    September 2016

    Pierre, experienced Trader, Zurich region,Switzerland.

    Hi, I have been following John\'s positions for several weeks now and I have to say that his results are impressive. A very high rate of success but also a large capacity to easily exit from delicate positions in order to protect our capital. Cheers ! keep going.

    july 2016

    Marco, Index Trader, Roma, Italy

    I have seen John alive .. He is a fantastic trader.. May be a case but today 4 trade 4 win... Je le suis en temps réel et ce qu'il fait est impressionnant; je n'ai jamais vu ça avant. Félicitez le de ma part svp; c'est très rare de voir cela en réel. Société très sérieuse.

    Thank you very much.. Very serious company..

    Today is the first day that I follow live with trade and I can say that John is impressive ... Never see .. Please make him my personal congratulation.. It is very rare to see a trader (live) like him

    2016 June

    Bernd, Indices Trader, Lower Saxony, Germany.

    Hello John, You are the best Day Trader I ever met. So many points I never made before. Keep going. Kindest regards.

    2016 May

    Alain, Index Trader, Reunion Island, France.

    I had been looking for a long time for such real time trading positions and my wishes have been granted. Thank you Vega-Traders and especially thank you John!

    2016 March

    Emiliano, Indices Trader, Lombardy Italy

    Hello John, I am on the free trial and following your Trades; I have to admit that they are very accurate.

    2016 February

    Richard, Indices Trader, Center of France

    Congratulations to the whole vega-traders team. Thank John for his very good services and very good calls. Your positions are at more than 85% winning. I will comme back soon for a longer subscription with a fast internet connexion and good Broker\'s platform.

    2016 February

    Luc, Indices Trader, Brussels, Belgium

    I thank you very much for this great service and I hope I will learn the signals along. congratulate "John" with the calls and I say congratulations for this system, directly to us, without all the known classic room hassles which we all went through in our trading lifes. THANK YOU. Kind regards, Luc. The calls are super

    2016 January

    Stefan, Indices Trader Liège Belgium

    Thanks to you all and congratulations for your Trades.

    2015 October

    Matteo, Indices Trader, Lombardy, Italy

    I am really satisfied with your performances.Winning positions and very well calibrated. Excellent.

    2015 October

    Shiv M, Indices Trader from Ohio, USA

    The quality of the signals have been impeccable. I initially followed their signals on twitter for months before availing the 3 day trial. Really astounded on how they predict the signals way before the turn of events. People can actually earn back their subscription in less than a day actually. Trust in John, and just see how their strategies work so well...Happy trading.

    2015 October

    Martin, indices Trader, Koln, Germany.

    My Name is Martin Wiedemann. I am a German Trader from Cologne since 2 years i am Trading and i loose much money and I sell more then 40.00 Euro in different very useless educations to go on with my own bad Trading. Since just 3 days I use the Signals vom Vega Traders, from John in the DAX INDEX room. It is incredibel what he does. I never saw a Signal Provider with this Targets. I cannot belive this is not normal what John does. This is the first time in my life i am sure that i will go on with profit with the service of Vega-Traders. So I wish them a long life and always good trade!!!!!!

    2015 September

    Thomas, indices Trader, North of France.

    Hello, A short message to tell you about my satisfaction and amazement in front of the quality of your services. After a few days watching your trades, I was totally impressed by the expertise and reading of the markets done by your traders .These guys are feeling the markets with a ruthless accuracy. John was simply magic this morning on DAX with a perfect timing reverse. Of course, one has to observe at first in order to understand how you guys are working. But once you understood, it is just a pleasure. No doubt, I am going to join your members.

    2015 June

    Mark, Forex Trader, Zurich Switzerland.

    I will come back next Wednesday with a new subscription because I love your service! The first time I made wins with a signal service!

    2015 May.

    Guenter, Indices Trader, south of Austria.

    As I told you since September 2014 your service, especially the Index-Room with John, which I tested several months since that time is the best I have seen so far in the internet the last 10 years.

    You are most reliable, the high quality of signals are sold for a very \"human\" price and the daily implementation is very stressless if you got used to it, which is promoted by the 3 day free trial. Sorry for my bad English as I am Austrian, but I hope you understand the sense of those lines.

    I am very proud to be part of the vega-traders clients and it`s extraordinary service and philosophie.

    Keep on going like this for a long time for me and all your other satisfied clients.

    Yours sincerely, Guenter (Styria - Austria)

    2015 April

    Mohamed, indices Trader, parisian suburb, France

    Your service is the best one on the market at the moment.

    2015 February

    Alain, Indices Trader, south of France.

    Congratulations for your website. I wish I had known you before...

    2015 January

    VAL, indices trader, London UK

    I thought I'd write another testimonial since my last one a year ago , what I wrote then applies still and I could just as well repeat that . So much so , I have just renewed for another year . The signals are excellent , the consistency exceptional , the trading is truly focused on what's happening in the market in the now and present . We all know the market will do what it wants and we can attribute whatever reason be it technical or fundamental for it either having done so or doing so . What Vega Traders Signals do is consistently be on the right side of the market . In my view I do have other business commitments and am working towards finding more work time to trade with Vega Traders Signals . I find that I have to work on my own discipline and more so my psychology to take greater advantage .

    2014 November

    Gunter, indices Trader south of Austria

    Want to say again - this service (with John) is excellent because of the following facts :

    - Trades are very calculable.

    - John is doing very good work as he has normally more than 90% winning trades.

    - The system as described in the user guide can help normal people earning a very good monthly income without risk.

    - I was looking for a service like this for many years and I am very glad, that I have found you.

    - Again - stay "on air" for a long time with this extraordinary quality work.

    - My subscription lasts till 3.12. Afterwards I will buy a 3 month subscription to make a good income with you.

    Yours sincerely,

    2014 September

    Sébastien/ Index trader from East of France

    I have just subscribed to your service.  

    It’s really an additional support to my personal analysis that I couldn’t do without you. I’m delighted with it.

    2014 June

    Georges, Trader indices, Paris, France.

    I am very impressed by the consistent quality of your signals. I had been looking for such a service for a long time. Congratulations, keep up the great work.

    2014 February

    Alexander, Indices Trader, West of France.

    Successful trial in a roller coaster market; good lead from John and his indicators for setting off the signals.

    2014 January

    Vaheed, indices Trader, London UK.

    Well what can i say . I can not say that i regret subscribing for a year . John's calls are just great and you certainly don't need comments from me as your performance speaks for itself . Anyways , your user guide and homepage explanations are very concise in explaining how the trading signals works . And i am so glad that i was not put off by the mixed comments made on the forums that i found . I am beginning to understand how Vega Traders ethos is true to its word .

    Thanking John and all at Vega Traders for a brilliant service.

    2013 December

    Laurent, Forex trader, South of France.

    Hello, I want to congratulate you for being so trustworthy, a great cheer to Paul. Thanks again, I will definitely keep you as my signal provider.

    2013 October

    Ilario, FOREX trader, Campania region, Italy.

    Thanks a lot for being so available, you're outstanding !

    Give my regards to Paul even though I've known you for only 3 days.

    I am really very happy with your way of doing business.

    2013 September

    Ed, index Trader, South of Netherlands

    I am a new member and choose a monthly account for the index (cfd's). I like the quality of your signals, my compliments.

    2013 September

    François, Index Trader, South of France

    Thank you for your service that really looks great

    June 2013

    Frederic, CFD Trader, South of France

    "Congratulations, your results are really outstanding, making that many winning trades proves a tremendous awareness of the markets and great discipline in applying your techniques, hats off ! No flattery, just evidence."

    2013 March

    Terence W. forex proprietary trader - UK

    Hi guys, I have been Derivatives Broking for 28 years and I am impressed with the service and signals.

    2012 December

    Roberto, Swiss trader

    Congratulations John, I wanted to mention how impressed I am by the quality of your signals.

    2012 October

    Gregory, Trader, West of France

    "I hope you will stay on the market for long, you have become an indispensible tool for my day trading."

    2012 Aug

    Antoine, Forex Trader, (South West of France)

    Concerning your performances, when you indicate 75% does that mean that you haven’t reached your benefit objectives?

    As far as I am concerned, I haven’t lost 25% but instead of 20 pips, I am happy to have made 15 because I am practicing scalping.

    You are relatively discreet with regard to your expertise and proficiency. Have a great day and congratulations for your outstanding work.

    2012 July

    Sebastian, Trader, West of France

    Congratulations to John for being so reliable, for his consistency and teaching skills.

    Signals are excellent and I take my decisions only in accordance with those of Vega-Traders.

    Thanks and congratulations again.

    2012 May

    Omer, Trader, the East of France

    Excellent signals, I will definitely subscribe after the 3-day period.

    2012 April

    Andreas, Trader, center of Germany

    Thank you for your perfect signals.

    2012 March

    Vincent, Indexes Trader,( Paris , France)

    Congratulations for your impressive results.

    2012 March

    William, regular Forex Trader, center of France

    I would like to thank you for the quality of your services.

    2012 Feb

    Claude, regular trader (South France)

    Congratulations to Paul!

    2011 Sept

    Dominique, dedicated and passionate intraday Trader (South of France)

    I have been a day-trading fan for several years now, and been looking for a reliable tool in order to do this confidently. I was fortunate enough to find Vega-Traders, it has changed dramatically my way of doing things.

    I have observed their market-room for several months and their results convinced me of their exceptional effectiveness.

    At first, I must admit I was not as quick as they were to take the trades but they ended up being so consistent that I decided to trust them entirely and to quit with my unreliable indicators.

    From now on I trade exclusively with their team and it’s a win!

    2011 Feb

    Pierre, regular trader (South of France)

    It’s a real pleasure to trade with john. His performances are high so are his teaching skills.

    It’s a considerable help in decision making in the field of individual trading.

    When I faced a technical problem, Vega Traders reacted immediately and the issue was solved promptly, demonstrating their professionalism and reliability.

    Jan 2011

    Christian, professional trader for his own account (Hauts de Seine, France)

    I have been trading for many years and I am making a good income of it.

    Vega-Traders has kindly asked me to explain why I successfully use their signals: I know intraday trading sufficiently well to control my own investments, but I know how Vega-Traders perform so I always take my decisions according to their positions. Like them, I consider that filtered impulsion trading brings the best results for intraday. I know that they are spot-on over 85% of the times and that’s priceless.

    It’s then just a question of technique for entries and sorties. I systematically apply a technique similar to theirs as presented on their home page and I am very happy with. Regularity is the golden rule, according to me. The goal is to prosper but to hold the distance above all. If you’re a fanatic, follow their recommendations. Good trades.

    2011 Jan

    Laurence, trader amateur, Var (83), France

    Just dropping a line to thank you for your performances and for being so reliable. At first, I was rather uncertain when I was given your Internet references. Having time during the day, I‘ve always been interested in trading and looking for such services. It took me some time to be as quick as the traders form Vega-Traders, but I now select my trades and I take a decent share of their results, which provide me with a fairly good monthly benefit.

    I strongly recommend Vega-Traders, really indispensible for fanatics like me.

    2010 Sept

    Stefan, a fan from Valais in Switzerland

    I can’t believe it! I’m only 30 years old and I’m a fan of trading since I’m a kid. I read many books and lost a lot of money.

    Then I found Vega-Traders web site. At first I was a bit curious and rather sceptical. I used the 3-day free trial and was quickly convinced.

    I must say that all results and performances announced by the team are real. I always check them.

    I can’t dedicate all my time to it yet but when I have half a day to spend, I follow them. I have taken a year subscription and this was largely beneficial.