Terms and conditions of sale

    All members had a free trial and read and accepted the TCS. Therefore no one was forced to subscribe. In case of cancellation, it has to be done by the member before the anniversary date. No refunding will be done for any reason.

    The Vega-Traders traders reserve the right to annual leave for up to 15% of the total number of stock market days.

    The vega-traders calls are strictly for personal use; if you are a company, please contact us before subscribing; any offender will be definitely banned without any money back.

    The IP unique address of a tester or member must match exactly with his home address.

    Any person who will fill wrong id informations or who will make any attempt of fraud will be definitely excluded.

    If we have any doubt about a new tester's identitiy, we might ask for different evidences. In case of any refusal, the tester will be definitely banned; no refund.

    Any member who will send or publish messages deemed or defamatory to our Traders or services will be immediately excluded without prior notice. No refund.

    There will be no refunds in the case of interruption of activity for cases of force majeure.

    It is highly recommended to use a minimum of 8/10 k€ as a capital.

    Vega-Traders is a service edited by :

    Forconex c/o Multifiduciaire SA

    1, carrefour de Rive - 1207 Genève - Suisse

    RC:  CH-660.0.222.010-6.

    For any contact: management@vega-traders.com

    For debit cards users :

    Payment is automatically debited from the nominated account at each expiry date by tacit renewal and in accordance with the information given by the buyer.

    To stop a subscription, the client must do it before the specified expiry date or else the payment will automatically debit the amount for the same period.

    If you wish to stop the automatic debit, to effect the cancellation you need to enter the "My Subscriptions" page of your Vega Traders account and amend your requirements clicking on the cancellation tab.


    Private special Premium webinar.

    New: banking transfer payment: please contact us.

    New: subscription "à la carte": 20 days/2 months: please contact us.