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Free Trading Signals for 3 days

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The founder's word

In day trading, please forget all your numerous indicators, since they have the same link in common: they all indicate the past !


Entry on Day Trading  Vega-Traders impulse and exit as its  « winning method » !
Which is the opposite of the Swing Trading : trading plan with entry at X and exit goal at Y.

  • Vega-Traders provides its real time intraday trading positions on indexes and Forex, whatever the market conditions.
  • Vega-Traders is composed of professional traders of over 40 years experience.
  • Thanks to more than 85% winning positions provided daily and broadcasted real time, the majority of Vega-Traders make regular profits.
  • To do this,the vega-traders team created a worldwide unique indicator based on the right impulse on the good item at the right moment, by using consistently "intelligent orders".
  • 2.5 WORKING DAY FREE TRIAL run in virtual mode after a comprehensive reading of the information and instructions provided by Vega Traders.




Understanding Day Trading


What is Day Trading?


Day Trading is the most respectable and exhilarating field of global trading, but also the one that requires the most acuity.


It consists of adopting multiple buying or selling positions throughout the day, starting each morning from scratch and closing the positions each evening, regardless of the circumstances. The sensations, as well as the adrenaline, are through the roof and take the day trader on a roller coaster of emotions. It requires finding the right tool, at the right time, for the right situation, and... doing it over and over! A newbie might feel like they’re looking for a needle in a haystack, while those who really thrive get to join a select handful of traders known as the elite.


It’s also important to remember that Trading has nothing to do with gambling and even less to do with chance. The expression "playing the stock market" is totally misleading and always wrongly used by those who think that the stock market resembles a game of chance—or worse, a casino! In reality, if a market drops, it is only because, at that particular moment, there are more sellers than buyers. It’s that simple. The trick is to understand why and act accordingly.


Why Day Trade?


Day Trading is for thrill-seekers, which is almost everyone, but especially those who like speed, excitement and immediate results. Day Trading is practiced only by a handful of traders worldwide and lets traders get off the beaten path by setting themselves apart from the sea of financial advisors and "gurus" whose rudimentary advice is only heeded by those who listen to them.


Indeed, even if a general pattern could be identified over the span of a day, statistically there’s only a 5% chance that it will be uniform. The other 95% of the time, you will have to adopt several contradictory positions throughout the day.


Advantages and requirements of Day Trading


The first advantage unique to day trading is that by definition there is no "overnight" risk that other global traders engaged in swing trading have to endure. Without even going as far as systemic risk, day trading avoids all the "gap" openings (when the market opens at a significant point difference compared to the previous close) in the opposite direction that occur multiple times a year.


The second immediate advantage of day trading is that it allows you to measure and analyze your results every night, letting you assess your own mistakes and correct them.


Last but not least, once you know how to do it, Day Trading has the advantage of pulling returns and performances that far surpass the performances of all listed and official funds and portfolios on the global market.


Day Trading is a demanding activity that requires a great deal of physical and mental stamina, concentration, and training, making it comparable to a high-level sport; even if you had a driver's license, you probably wouldn’t get very far when you sit in the back of a Formula 1 car for the first time! So the more you practice, the better you will perform!


We have intentionally decided not to use the word "risk" in the title of this section since all forms of trading involve risk, which refers to the partial or total loss of invested capital.


Can you make a living from Day Trading?


Yes, as long as you follow all the rules accepted by experienced traders and above all, train and practice relentlessly for many sessions in order to develop the reflexes and know-how that will prepare you to navigate any situation. Even if you don’t make Day Trading your bread and butter, we assure you that, after 35 years of experience and almost 10 years of publishing our daily performances on the Index and Forex markets, when strict rules are followed according to an impulse signal, it’s possible to regularly accumulate gains in any circumstance and thus live up to the famous saying: "tall oaks from little acorns grow".


How do you get started in Day Trading?


The requirements


A good worker needs good tools!


We believe that four resources are necessary:


- Good equipment: at least a recent PC and two fairly large screens.

- Reliable internet: a good quality ADSL connection, ideally fiber.

- A broker recognized by the stock exchange authorities of major European countries: France, Germany, the UK, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and/or the Netherlands.

 - A reasonable starting capital: too many novice traders fail because they take more risk than they should relative to their capital. If you are aiming for an average daily return of 0.5 to 1%, a minimum capital of €/$8000 is highly recommended.


Don't hesitate to use the right help


Why should you do this? Simply because the end justifies the means. Never forget that the ultimate goal is to make consistent gains. If you find a professional who regularly, or even systematically, detects the correct starting impulses of a move (which are the most difficult to find...), go ahead and use them.


According to vega-traders, successfully engaging in Day Trading on your own requires, at the very least, thousands of hours of market observation—not only to detect and recognize all the market configurations at a given moment, but especially to know how to make the right decision in a few seconds. vega-traders has developed the "Impulse Indicator" to make that easier.


Happy trading!