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Free Trading Signals for 3 days

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The founder's word

In day trading, please forget all your numerous indicators, since they have the same link in common: they all indicate the past !


Entry on Day Trading  Vega-Traders impulse and exit as its  « winning method » !
Which is the opposite of the Swing Trading : trading plan with entry at X and exit goal at Y.

  • Vega-Traders provides its real time intraday trading positions on indexes and Forex, whatever the market conditions.
  • Vega-Traders is composed of professional traders of over 40 years experience.
  • Thanks to more than 85% winning positions provided daily and broadcasted real time, the majority of Vega-Traders make regular profits.
  • To do this,the vega-traders team created a worldwide unique indicator based on the right impulse on the good item at the right moment, by using consistently "intelligent orders".