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    • Prior direction Buy / Sell (Buy+ / Sell+)
      Prior direction buy/sell to most of the Trades
    • Trader's confidence index
      Trader's confidence index at the departure of the trade
    • Signals departures
    • Goal(s) of the running trade
      If possible, the Trader will give his (non guaranteed) goal. He might then modify or multiply it.
    • Strengthening of running position
    • Golden Trades
      Exit levels and gains

      On the top of the standard subscription's trades, the Premium members take exclusively advantage of the Golden Trades. All the trades are not Golden.

      A Golden Trade is a special trade with a very high probability of success. It also gives to its members the direction to go before and the exact exits and gains of our Trader.
    • Private special Premium webinar
      Special webinar only dedicated to Premium members in order to learn all specific techniques of our Traders.