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1 point = 1 free week !


To reward the loyalty of its members, Vega-Traders offers a sponsorship program. This allows the sponsors to get free weeks of access to the Trading Rooms.

To sponsor a future Member, you have to give them the email address you use to connect to

During their registration on the site, they have to enter this address in the field named your sponsor (email address).

When your sponsored contact registers, you will receive sponsorship points:

- For a monthly subscription, you will receive one point;

- For a bi-monthly subscription, you will receive two points;

- For a quarterly subscription, you will receive three points. Note: You will not receive any points if your sponsored contact chooses a weekly subscription or free trial.

You can view your sponsorship points balance on the My subscriptions page.

As soon as you have sponsorship points you can use the form below to trade them against free weeks of access to Trading Rooms. One sponsorship point can be traded against one week (seven calendar days) of access.




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