Hoe te gebruiken Marktzalen Indexen


    www.vega-traders.com recommends its members to take advantage of the 2.5 free trial days to train passing orders and taking profit in virtual mode. Team recommends to trade in live mode as soon as the process is well assimilated.

    Each market point includes:

    - 10 € for the DAX, CAC, BUND indexes.

    - 10 £ for the FTSE

    - 5 $ for the Dow Jones

    - 50 $ for the Nasdaq

    When the Trader in charge of the Trading Room (market room) prepares to take position, he or she warns the client Trader with a message such as Ready; then, when he/she sees fit : Go long (buy) or Go short (sell). You might observe a small diffenrence between your and our price due to the impulse trading signal. U heeft nog 2 seconden om in positie te gaan. Zoniet,wacht op de volgende.

    When the position is taken, it appears on the top of the screen, at it's starting price; it will remain there until closing. Each new price level increase: New price  or THINK PROFIT appears automatically in green.

    Each Vega-Traders market room signal is represented by a different alert sound. After a short observation time, members will learn to quickly recognize and distinguish the different alerts.

    Vega-Traders systematically places a protective stop 30 points from the initial position (however, if the position is bad, the trader often exits this position before the stop, limiting profit losses). The value of the stop appears in red. This practice is bly recommended to all members.

    During the operations, the Trader in charge displays the messages New price  (take small profits) or THINK PROFIT (take larger profits or a large part of the profit or take all, at critical points).



    If our Trader is not convinced, he might put a stop at entry price. If the stop is touched, we will not count any loss. But, since the entry price is not set at random at all, we might take the trade again if it comes back.


    If you have a small amount of capital to inv  est (8 to 10k€), please do not try to reach the daily performances. Just do what is annouced on the welcome page, which is easily feasible.

    Warning : www.vega-traders.com bly advises to take all or a significant part of the profit as soon as the trader sees the alert THINK PROFIT appear in order to produce systematic gains and to avoid eventul rate fluctuations on these particular points and thus run the risk of closing on a losing position.

    In addition, Vega-Traders bly recommends its users to set their stop to the entrance price at the first THINK PROFIT, in order to avoid the risk of later loss.

    Exit signal should never be considered as a profit. Profit can be made only on New price  or especially on THINK PROFIT signals. Exit means the position has to be quit, profit should have already be done on THINK PROFIT. At worst, it means a losing trade signal.

    On the other hand, when you hear and see THINK PROFIT signal on trades, without new profit, we recommend bly to reduce or balance your position.


    Indien na het signaal de positie nog niet winstgevend is en dat de Trader THINK PROFIT op de laatste koers activeert, dan plaatsen we systematisch een stop op deze koers en zal er aldus geen enkel verlies zijn. Zoniet zal er een verlies zijn.

    The final performance is calculated between New price, THINK PROFIT or Exit, the best earnings and the entrance price.For transpirancy reason, in case of loosing call, the result will be calculated between the best positive value and the warning Think Profit or exit.

    Heel belangrijk: goed handelen is een samenspel van goede instapmomenten en een goed money management.
    Intelligente orders zijn van groot belang en de beste "setups" worden, op aanvraag, aanbevolen tijdens de Premium webinar.

    Signals are issued between around 8:00 am and around 6:00 pm continental Europe time (GMT+1).