How to use Commodities Trading Room


    Vega-Traders recommends that its members take advantage of the 3-day free trial to train placing orders and taking profit in a virtual environment. The team recommends to trade in live mode only when the process has been well assimilated.

    Each market point includes:

    - 100$ for GOLD.

    - 1000$ for SILVER

    - 1000$ for WTI

    The trader in charge of the trading room, when preparing to take a position, warns the member trader with a Ready type message; then, when he/she sees it fit: Go long (buy) or Go short (sell). You may observe a small difference between your price and ours,this is due to the impulse of the trading signal.

    When the position is taken it appears on the top of the screen at its starting price; it will remain there until closing. For each new price level change(New price / think profit or THINK PROFIT) it appears automatically in green.

    Every signal of Vega-Traders market room signal is represented by a different alert sound. After a short while, members will quickly and easily learn to identify them.

    Vega-Traders systematically places a protection "Stop" of 30 pips/points from the initial position (however, if the position is bad, the trader often exits this position before the "Stop", limiting profit losses). The value of the "Stop" appears in red. This practice is much recommended to all members.

    During the operations, the Trader in charge displays the messages New price / think profit (take small profits or wait) or THINK PROFIT (take larger profits or a large part of the profit or take all out, at critical points).

    To avoid any challenges on real results, Traders in charge will try to respect a minimum gap on currency pairs, of 5-6 pips between entry price an New price/ think profit.

    Warning : Vega-Traders  advises to take a significant part of the profits as soon as the trader sees the alert THINK PROFIT appearing, in order to produce systematic gains and to avoid possible pull back on these particular points and thus running the risk of closing on a losing position.

    In addition, Vega-Traders recommends that users set their "Stop" on the entry price at the first appearance of "THINK PROFIT", at the latest, in order to avoid the risk of subsequent loss.

    If you only have a small capital (5 to 10 k€), do not try to achieve daily performances as those posted on our site, but aim for the objectives announced on the home page (200€), which, with a little training is easily attainable.

    The Exit signal should never be considered as  profit taking. Profit can only be made  on New price / think profit or especially on THINK PROFIT signals. Exit is a definitive release that most often allowed prior THINK PROFITs or at worst, the signal of a losing trade.

    On the other hand, when you hear and see the THINK PROFIT signal during trades, without new profit, we recommend you significantly reduce or settle your position.If you see "RISKY" appearing just after the trader starting call  or after "we reduce", we automatically place a "Stop" on the entry price.

    The final performance is calculated between New price / think profit, THINK PROFIT or Exit, the best earning and the entrance price. For transparancy, in case of a loosing trade, the result will be calculated between the best positive value and the warning "THINK PROFIT"or exit.

    Signals are issued between around 8:00 am and till around 6:00 pm  European continental time (GMT+1).